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Educational Services

We support educators through professional learning opportunities that

  • develop an awareness of and growth in social emotional learning competencies;

  • engage educators in robust pedagogical dialogue around SEL, diversity, and equity;

  • introduce innovative strategies to embed SEL in your culture through experiential learning; and

  • empower staff to create and sustain social emotional learning communities that promote academic success.

Administrative Retreats

Interactive sessions customized
to meet your staff's needs and:
  • develop the 3 factors necessary for creating an SEL culture via interactive sessions
  • examine what SEL looks like and sounds like in the context of teaching and learning
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Implementation Audit

Building and district reports to:
  • assess the level of SEL implementation
  • inform strengths of current SEL initiatives and areas of growth in creating a K-12 culture

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Implementation Framework

Sequenced, personalized sessions to:
  • cultivate confidence and competence among staff to advance authentic SEL integration
  • build upon areas of cultural strength to foster a comprehensive, sustainable SEL culture across all grade levels and content areas
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Classroom Coaching

Job-embedded, onsite
classroom observations to:
  • support educators with integration to build confidence and competence
  • provide actionable feedback for continued reflection and refinement

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Interactive, inspiring sessions
to educate, motivate, and:
  • draw connections between Positive Psychology, SEL, and Education
  • focus on the power of personal growth, authenticity, choice, and intentional actions to foster relationships leading to communities of connected learners
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Onsite, online, and hybrid learning experiences for PLCs to:
  • explore foundational understandings for SEL integration in self, physical environment, and social interactions
  • introduce processes and strategies for infusing SEL into K-12 content areas

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Students must be placed at the center of teaching and learning to be prepared to learn, live, and lead at their fullest potential. When policy and practice are aligned, students will experience a learning environment where SEL skills are modeled, fostered, and developed. As a result, every classroom becomes a social, emotional, and academic learning community where students thrive.


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