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SEL Implementation Audit

Determine the extent to which school and district SEL initiatives
are comprehensive and focused on the five competencies from the
Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning's framework (CASEL)

The Audit Report identifies strengths, gaps, and overlaps through collecting multiple forms of data
to clearly indicate:

  • stages of implementation for each of the 3 factors necessary for sustainability;
  • teacher needs for professional learning support and development; and
  • teacher perception on how often they explicitly teach and reinforce SEL skills with students.

The data are compiled into a report to provide meaningful and actionable information that clearly indicates:

  • highlights areas of SEL integration that are already occurring for celebration,
  • identifies next steps to further deepen the culture of social emotional learning, and
  • helps focus attention and resources for professional learning so staff feels supported with what they want and need.

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