SEL Implementation Audit 

What is an SEL Implementation Audit?

An in-depth assessment measuring your school's level of SEL implementation, the cohesiveness of SEL initiatives, and what SEL skills are currently being integrated into classrooms


Who is the Audit for?

Schools that have been working towards SEL integration
and want to know if the current initiatives are comprehensive,
sustainable, and aligned across buildings within an organization

How does the process work?

(1) Resonance Ed conducts a 6-minute online survey of teachers and administrators to identify (a) the degree to which there is a culture of SEL (b) the teacher's professional learning needs and (c) the teacher's perception of SEL classroom integration.

(2) Resonance Ed produces a report of  findings within 4-6 weeks.

(3) Resonance Ed will create a roadmap with action items to achieve mastery-level SEL implementation in your organization, including personalized professional learning support opportunities, 1:1 coaching, and ongoing administrative consulting.


Why is this important?

This will provide students with explicit opportunities to practice and grow in SEL skill development translating to increased prosocial skills, academic achievement, and post-school life success.

Starting at $990 

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