Resonance Educational Consulting

is a team of consultants and professional learning facilitators who collaborate with administrators and staff to establish system-wide learning communities that foster social, emotional, and academic growth.

Our Mission


Meet the Team

Our Mission

We collaborate with educators in creating and sustaining Whole Child educational systems and learning communities that foster rigorous social, emotional, and academic growth.

We create professional learning opportunities that

  • develop social emotional learning systems;
  • engage staff in robust pedagogical dialogue around social emotional learning, diversity, and equity;
  • introduce innovative strategies through experiential learning; and
  • empower them to create and sustain a socially, emotionally, and academically rigorous learning communities.

Our Vision

We envision an environment where all students are authentically engaged in a safe, respectful, relevant learning that honors their unique cultural contributions, values their skill sets, amplifies their voice, and empowers them to achieve their goals.


We believe that respectful communication between all stakeholders will foster authentic relationships. These relationships will enable the design of educational systems and learning communities that support the social, emotional, and academic growth of their students.


We believe in fostering a collaborative environment where stakeholders have a voice and feel valued. We empower educators to build and sustain a positive rapport with every student through perspective-taking to establish a safe, equitable learning environment that honors diversity.


We believe in supporting all educators and students in reaching beyond their perceived potential to achieve their goals.