Need support creating a sustainable, scalable Social Emotional Learning system?

Resonance Educational Consulting helps you design professional learning experiences for administrators and leaders, teachers, staff, and students that:

  • develop social emotional learning systems;
  • engage staff in robust pedagogical dialogue;
  • introduce innovative, evidence-based strategies and experiential learning; and
  • empower them to create and sustain a socially, emotionally, and academically connected learning communities.
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Interested in learning more about how to integrate Social Emotional Learning
with a Diversity and Equity Lens?

Students must be placed at the center of teaching and learning to achieve their highest academic level and be prepared to learn, live, and lead at their fullest potential. When policy and practice are aligned, students can experience an educational environment where social-emotional learning (SEL) skills are modeled, fostered, and developed. By integrating SEL, educators learn to actively dismantle institutionalized barriers and establish an equitable, safe learning environment where students feel valued, supported, and accepted. 

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