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Collaborating with educators to establish system-wide learning communities that foster social, emotional, and academic growth

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With Resonance Educational Consulting,

  • assess your organization's current level of SEL implementation.

  • build upon your organization's SEL work so it becomes scalable and sustainable.

  • expand investment among the staff so they are confident and competent when integrating SEL.

  • align efforts across buildings to develop an organizational culture of SEL.



  • Reported the sessions expanded their understanding of SEL.

  • Believed the resources in the sessions supported their learning.

  • Stated the sessions expanded their ability to integrate SEL into their learning community.

    Administrators and Teachers, Dawson County Schools, GA

"Krista was very knowledgeable about SEL. Her professional work supports her research in this area. Too many times presenters want to tell you about their 'research' and not the 'work' they have completed with the topic."

Administrator, Forsyth County Schools, GA

"Krista is very knowledgeable and passionate about education. She has taught me a lot about professional learning and how to engage learners. I thank her for making our learning so interactive and relevant. I hope to use these strategies when facilitating professional learning at my school."

Teacher Leader, Lehigh University

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