SEL Check in - Classroom

Another special "Resonance Ed-created" image
to fosters reflection on thoughts, feelings, and actions

SEL Animated Video

Build awareness of the five SEL competencies.
Includes a resource guide with activities and a slidedeck.

SEL Activity

Promote SEL skills development,
including collaboration and reflection

Creating an SEL Culture

Guide leaders in developing a sustainable SEL vision that promotes wellbeing and prosocial school cultures

Establish a Common Language

Spark conversation on how participants understand
SEL terminology to create a shared language

SEL Check in - Park

Refect on thoughts and feelings, inquire about levels of understanding in content, or connect SEL to content themes

The 5 SEL Competencies 

Familiarize yourself with the 5 competencies
and 40 skills for life success

SEL Actions for Substitutes 

Build student rapport and classroom
community K through 12



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