SEL Professional Learning

What types of professional learning opportunities do we offer?

Full and half-day interactive learning experiences for administrators, teachers, and staff that build on our five-step SEL Integration Framework


Who is this designed for?

Educators who want to learn proven ways to build stronger relationships with students and peers and explicitly integrate SEL into their classroom and school cultures

How does the process work?

(1) Resonance Ed meets with administrators and teacher leaders to establish a baseline for where you are at in your SEL integration and identify the organization's goals.

(2) Resonance Ed identifies the gaps within the current implementation compared to desired end goal.

(3) Resonance Ed will produce a personalized roadmap for professional learning in which educators experience SEL activities, build community while collaborating with peers, and plan how to increase opportunities for students to practice SEL skill development. 

Why is this important?

Educators develop a deeper understanding of SEL competencies and skills, build a community of connected adults, and develop proficiency at infusing SEL into their social interactions, instructional practices, and content.

Starting at $4,250

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