Classroom Coaching

What is Classroom Coaching?

Job-embedded  to support educators by modeling, co-teaching, and/or observing SEL integration


Who is classroom coaching designed for?

Educators who desire to see SEL integration in action, want support in trying new instructional strategies in the classroom, or need specific, descriptive, observable feedback based on their SEL integration

How does the process work?

(1) Resonance Ed meets with the educator to learn the desired instructional goals and student social, emotional, and academic needs.

(2) Resonance Ed collaborates with the educator to plan the learning activity and formative assessment.

(3) Resonance Ed models, co-teaches, or observes the lesson and takes notes on specific, descriptive, observable classroom activity, when applicable.

(4) Resonance Ed conducts a post-lesson conversation to discuss classroom observations, strengths of the lesson and areas for lesson extension.

Why is this important?

Educators gain confidence and skill in identifying learning outcomes, designing activities, aligning a formative assessment, and facilitating explicit SEL skill development in the classroom.

Additionally, educators gain access to our SEL Learning Targets, SEL Learning Plan template, SEL Classroom Look Fors, and SEL Formative Assessment documents to support future lesson design.

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