Curriculum Design

What is curriculum design?

Curriculum design is the process of organizing content standards for teachers that details concepts and skills to be taught, and in what sequence.


Who is curriculum design for?

Schools or educator teams that lack an aligned curriculum for a specific content area or grade level

How does the process work?

(1) Resonance Ed analyzes the existing curriculum, noting the strengths and areas for growth toward developing standards-based documents for educators.

(2) Resonance Ed and administrators identify 6-10 dates to collaborate in-person with content-area teachers.

(3) Resonance Ed facilitates an 8-step process with the educators to incorporate state standards into a viable, written, annual curriculum with unit planning documents.

(*) Resonance Ed has a skilled curriculum team to design customized written curricula for educators.

Why is this important?

A standards-based curriculum provides the "science of teaching" - a specific roadmap for educators that details the content and skills to be taught - including big ideas, essential questions, and . This allows the teachers to focus upon the "art of teaching" - ways to design learning experiences that meet students' social, emotional, and academic needs. 

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