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Social Emotional Learning

Currently offering online support. In-person coaching and facilitating available in the future. 

  • Are you thinking about how to meet your students' and staff's SEL needs?

  • Are you looking for a process to sustain a comprehensive, aligned focus on SEL among all schools? 

  • Are you wondering if current SEL strategies are achieving the intended outcomes? 

  • Would your staff like to feel more confident and competent in integrating SEL?

Our SEL Implementation Framework
has been designed with your entire community in mind!

  • We've created over 25 sequenced SEL sessions (complete with presentations, agendas, and activities) that you can adapt to meet the needs of your staff, as well as the strengths of your SEL Core Team.

  • The short sessions of professional learning allow you to design the pacing of the implementation.

  • Our framework offers two different tiers of support so you can select the level of assistance your SEL Team prefers (and that also fits your budget).

  • Our facilitators, experienced educators who currently work throughout the United States, will model the SEL sessions with your SEL Core Team (which we help you form).

  • Our coaches, who once served as district administrators themselves, will work with your SEL Core Team to create an SEL plan to enhance sustainability and build capacity throughout your learning organization. 

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Resources to enhance awareness,
practice, integration, and monitoring of
emotional learning throughout your culture


  • 3 modules of professional learning for use with staff (Modifiable for students/families)


  • detailed agendas for nine professional learning sessions
  • vibrant, engaging presentations for each session
  • step-by-step activities for participants 
  • interactive slides and videos
  • survey to collect feedback on implementation and value of content 
 Resources, coaching, and modeling of SEL
sessions to build capacity, embed SEL practices,
and sustain integration momentum

  • 3 modules of professional learning for use with staff
  • 21 hours of sessions for Core Team paired with
  • 9 hours of coaching


  • access to all agendas, activities, slides, videos, and feedback processes
  • experience nine SEL sessions for up to 30 members
  • receive 30-minutes of guidance on facilitating each SEL session 
  • celebrate successes and process challenges for continual momentum forward towards systemic integration
  • support to build organizational capacity through co-created processes for ongoing, job-embedded practice, reflection, and refinement

Students must be placed at the center of teaching and learning to be prepared to learn, live, and lead at their fullest potential. When policy and practice are aligned, students will experience a learning environment where SEL skills are modeled, fostered, and developed. As a result, every classroom becomes a social, emotional, and academic learning community where students thrive.


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