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SEL Resources for Educators

SEL Learning Objectives

Grade-level band objectives to support teachers with developmentally-appropriate SEL goals for students

Vetted by experienced educators across the United States
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SEL Ideas and Strategies

Experiential activities and strategies for K-12 classrooms aligned to SEL objectives by grade-level band



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Videos and Podcasts
Media of Resonance Ed team members sharing ideas, strategies, and resources

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SELinEDU Podcast

Craig Martin and Krista Leh discuss "all things social and emotional in education" with educators world-wide.
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SEL Blogs

The Resonance Ed team shares stories of SEL in our lives and classrooms

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Students must be placed at the center of teaching and learning to be prepared to learn, live, and lead at their fullest potential. When policy and practice are aligned, students will experience a learning environment where SEL skills are modeled, fostered, and developed. As a result, every classroom becomes a social, emotional, and academic learning community where students thrive.


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